Zimra warehouse gutted by fire again: Beitbridge border post Latest

Picture: Beitbridge was the start of deadly Zim riots in mid 2016

Beitbridge Border Post: Goods worth thousands of dollars went up in smoke yesterday when a Zimra warehouse caught fire yesterday at Beitbridge Border Post.

Border authorities yesterday said the cause of the fire was yet to be established but, however, said the building was not damaged.

They said disposable diapers and blankets were among an assortment of goods, which were in the anti-smuggling State Warehouse near the northern exit gate.

“We suspect the fire was a result of an electrical fault or poor ventilation.

“A security official who was patrolling near the area saw some smoke coming from the building and went to investigate. He summoned other stakeholders who called the disaster response team and the fire was contained,” said an official.

Travellers were among the people that assisted in putting out the fire.


The incident comes a few months after another State Warehouse was in July looted and burnt by cross border traders hoodlums calling themselves Combined Beitbridge Residents Association.

They were demonstrating against the implementation of statutory instrument 64, which removed specified goods from the open general import licence.



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