Pictures of a female Midlands State University stone drunk vomiting as well as lying black out on a white night have gone viral on Whatsapp.

The student’s friends some from the department of Local Governance Department who were on a drinking spree are said to have taken the pictures of their colleague while she was heavily drunk vomiting as well as sleeping besides a 750 ml Red Label Whisky.

These varsity guzzlers are reported to have been living on top of the world at a local bar in Gweru on Sartuday afternoon.

A friend who leaked the pictures to reporters yesterday pleading for anonymity said it was the drunkard’s first time to drink the wise waters hence it resulted in her almost vomiting her lungs out.

“I am informed that it started as a game of truth or dare whereby one was punished with a half cup of Whisky if he/she had broken the game’s rules.

“As they got drunk the girl made a bet with us that she would finish the whole Red Label Whisky it got too heavy for and she ended up proving to a be light weight for the heavy 750 ml whisky,” said the source.

msu female student picture

Drunk MSU Student

msu female student drunk

Binge drinking at Midlands State University