THE ENIGMATIC on and off couple Shashl and DJ Levels have produced a love song that has left many wondering what’s going on following the two lovebirds’ “public fallout.”

Shashl recently pressed charges against Levels but later said she would withdraw the rape charge if he apologised.

Going by the message in the song the two are still in love.

As if to confirm that the two are still an item, Shashl responded with a heart emoji  to the following responses to her new video:


1Chiregererawo Levels….hona makabika ndandi yeTune. Song dedicated to levels. I hope its dedicated to levels


2Keep up the good Mai levels tauriranai ddy vachigadzira riddim.iwewe uchiimba love


3Welldone Angel keep going don’t stop You and Levels hamurambane


4Levels Production is all I wanted to hear.Welldone Levels and Shashl


5Waaal levels production never disappoints. This is a nice jam .just wish u guys could work things between the two of u
You are talented girl this song for Levels hamufe makasiyana

Be Shashl song lyrics

Sometimes I feel like I am getting tired of being with you

But after sometime I end up crying missing missing you

Ndenge ndoda iwe

Ini newe tinodanana

Babe you make me feel like hatife takazosiyana

You are my number one man…handifi ndakada umwe

Sometimes l…feel like l am getting tired of you…but after sometime l end up crying missing missing you ndege ndoda wewe…ini newe tinodadana zwnews ohhh baby…you make me feel like..hatimbofe takazosiyana ahhhh…pese patinongosangana ohh baby l will follow you only you..ehh na na ehh na..Beee with me stay by my side daddy…beee with me stay by my side honey

Be Shashl Song Video