Ayanda Thabethe is a strong and independent woman who is fearful of bringing someone into her life who will change any of that.

Choosing a life partner is something Ayanda feels is extremely stressful. Being a woman who does not need a man, Ayanda is quiet picky with the person she chooses to come into her life, especially for the long haul.

It is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.

Thinking about settling down and starting a family of her own, Ayanda took to social media to let her fans know just how much anxiety she has, surrounding all of this.

It is not easy to choose someone to share the rest of your life with. Sis clearly does not want to make a mistake.

Ayanda’s a get married once kinda gal! “The hardest decision I’ve ever had to make is choosing who to settle down with … got it wrong the first time – now I’m scared to make that decision again … SCARY!!!!!!!!!!! I might just settle down with myself looool!”

Fans took to the comment section to share their experiences and give Ayanda some advice. Having a life partner is the greatest blessing, but choosing the wrong one can be soul destroying.

They all pray Ayanda finds the right man. “This is tough,,, I’m still praying for the day when I’ll be able to do this with the same conviction and enthusiasm as last time. The biggest crime in the world is changing someone’s idea of love☹️”

“Good idea but practice full abstinence also beautiful Ayanda Thabethe in Jesus Mighty name amen.”

“Settle with that MBA and the right one will show himself.”

“I hope that you learned from your first experience. But if you don’t settle down you will miss out.”

Briefly.co.za previously reported that Mzansi television personality and actress Ayanda Thabethe has opened up about her journey with Covid-19. A number of Mzansi celebrities have spoken about how they dealt with the virus after testing positive and Ayanda has been added to the list.

On Instagram, Ayanda told her followers that she lost 5kg in the month of December after testing positive for Covid-19. Even though she was infected with the virus, Ayanda seems to be back on track health-wise.

Ayanda has gone back to the gym and spoke about her body goals for 2021. She shared that her personal trainer wants her to be curvy but she’s happy with her weight. She is currently 55kg’s and says that this is her ideal weight.