Lovemore Lubinda

On March 3 2017 the Australian Embassy in Harare will host the inaugural Africa Science Buskers Festival to inspire and develop a love of science amongst primary and secondary school children across Africa.

Inspired by Australian scientist Dr Graham Walker and his work bringing Science Circus tours to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Mauritius, the project is growing big.

“This year, Australia has asked over 20 teams from schools across the continent to come up with their best creative science projects. The festival will see one winner announced from a junior school and senior school category’” said the Embassy in a statement.

The Australian diplomatic mission added that, the Science Circus tours have motivated students across Africa to develop their communication skills through creative science projects, setting them on a path to lifelong science learning and empowering teachers to deliver innovative science education.

“The Africa Science Buskers Festival is the idea and initiative of our passionate local partner Knowledge Chikundi and has been funded, together with the Science Circus tours, through the Australian Embassy’s Direct Aid Program,” added the Embassy.

It said in 2016-2017, Knowledge has already conducted two successful tours across Zimbabwe, teaching and training over 20000 students.

Launching the similar project last year, Science Circus 2016 in Harare, the Australian ambassador Susan McCourt, said; “The Australian Embassy was proud to support the Science Circus tour through Zimbabwe.”

She added that the engaging activities of the Science Circus will empower teachers to deliver innovative science education and help students on a path to lifelong science learning.

The science circus project was developed through collaboration between Dr Walker, the Australian National University, Questacon – Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, and passionate partners in each African country who are crucial to fostering long-term outcomes. In Zimbabwe the partner is the Zimbabwe Science Fair, headed by the young and inspiring Chikundi.