Ewan Macmillan has implicated President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Leaked new Al Jazeera audio says “lifetime criminal” Ewan Macmillan went to prison to protect his partner who is now the President of Zimbabwe

Convicted Gold smuggler, Ewan Macmillan has implicated President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his Gold smuggling story recorded undercover by @AJEnglish’s @AJIunit  investigative unit. He says he went to prison for 60 days to protect him in the 1990s.

Ewan Macmillan says Mnangagwa is his partner in an audio snippet in @AJIunit  Gold Mafia documentary episode.

Also known as Mr Gold, Macmillan is among a set of smugglers — including Pattni — who each work with Zimbabwe’s state-run refinery, Fidelity.

He is also an acquaintance of Simon Rudland, a Zimbabwean millionaire who has been accused by South African authorities of money laundering.

Al Jazeera’s latest investigation, Gold Mafia, has uncovered a band of criminals driving gold smuggling and money laundering worth billions of dollars in Zimbabwe as the nation wither in abject economic crisis.

ZED KOUDONARIS smelts gold stock in Zim, sells it to Pastor Paul [Kamlesh Pattni in the Al Jazeera exposé]; Pattni pays Zed the forex component offshore, smuggles out the gold, sells it in Dubai and leaves the forex there.

Zimbabwe gets zero tax and zero forex from the deal!