Another ZANU-PF and alleged ring leader who were accused of attacking mourners at slain Mobblessing Ali’s funeral Tina Gweshe has died, it is reported.

Gweshe’s death comes just hours following the death of another party chairperson, George Murambatsina.

Apparently, Ali’s lawyer Job Sikhala recently warned that the people who took part in Ali’s murder will all die from an avenging spirit if they don’t apologize.

He said a lot of people were willing to help incite Moreblessing Ali’s spirit to revenge.

Sikhala was later arrested after making the ‘threat’ is in police custody facing charges of inciting public violence.

Commenting on Gweshe’s death renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says:

“I can still hear the fireside remark from an elder who explained how people of Malawian origin don’t make empty threats. “Chaka chino arira piyo piyo,” said one of the elders whose parents came from Malawi in the 1950s. This is what Job was saying.”

And political analyst Lawrence Sedze had this to say:

“Two ZANU PF ring leaders who were attacking mourners at Mobby’s funeral have died a mysterious death! They died poor, leaving behind nothing but legacy of hate! They had no medical insurance, no pension & no funeral covers yet they terrorised CCC members & pretended to own Zim!!

“Until you release Mobby’s lawyer Job Sikhala & Sithole you are abusing for demanding justice for Mobby, you shall all fall like flies! Mobby will not rest until all those who killed her & those tormenting her family especially her children apologise!”