Anna Mugabe committed suicide in Harare last weekend after she was arrested for crushing her husband’s most private and sensitive area.

The 22 year old  woman from Epworth was taken into police custody following a fight with her husband.

Earlier on Anna had crushed her husband’s two round shaped male organs  following a family dispute.

Simeon Magasa,32, husband to the late Anna is battling for his life at hospital in Harare.

“I can confirm Mugabe committed suicide because of problems at their house which led to violence,”said national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

Anna hanged herself using bedding supplied in the police cells.


A witness who refused to be named told reporters that Anna used an axe to attack her husband.

She then went for his private area and crushed his most sensitive organs with bare hands. The husband was then taken to hospital before the arrest of Anna.