HARARE: The Robert Mugabe backed National Patriotic Front(NPF) has fired Rtd Brig Ambrose Mutinhiri as its leader, less than two months before the July 30 general elections.

He stands accused of incompetence and causing divisions in the party.

Eunice Sandi Moyo, a former official in Zanu PF is now the new acting president.

Said Moyo:

“We feel disappointed to recall him. But we don’t have a platform where we can speak to him and show him how wrong he was with us.

“He does not attend meetings. We send him communication but he does not reply. Now we do not know whether he had come to destabilize us or what.

“The only positive thing that Mutinhiri did was to resign from Parliament and nothing else. He was actually putting parallel structures as he didn’t want to work with others. He has not been active in the party.”

Party spokesperson Mr Jealous Mawarire said Mutinhiri will be reassigned to another post and a new president will be availed soon.

Update: Mutinhiri has staged a comeback and attacked Grace Mugabe and Mawire for joining Chamisa’s MDC Alliance