President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday appointed philanthropist and businessman Prophet Eubert Angel as Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large for Europe and America.

A Goodwill Ambassador could be defined as a nominal post, a designation that is assigned to a person who advocates for a specific cause on the basis of their notability such as a public figure, advocate or an authoritative expert.

The ruling ZANU PF party recently, announced that contrary to widespread reports that Angel has been appointed to serve as an envoy in one of the country’s foreign missions, he will be appointed Goodwill Ambassador.

The party made the announcement via its official Twitter handle:

“Uebert Angel earmarked for Goodwill Ambassador post

“EVANGELICAL preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel, will be appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for Zimbabwe contrary to widespread reports that he has been appointed to serve as an envoy in one of the country’s foreign missions.”

Most governments have ambassadors of goodwill that are either appointed or known implicitly, which promote the objectives and values of that country, nation, state or government.

He has finally been ”sworn in.’

Meanwhile, speaking at the ceremony in Harare today, Ambassador Angel said he was ready to hit the ground running.

“We are kind of bringing in our connections in business I think the president has actually shown that he is able to pull from all ecosystems and bring in people from all areas of life.

“The biggest problem that I think we find is when a person is called a prophet or pastor that’s where it ends.

“People forget that I’ve got two universities degrees in finance one in Post grad in Education from University of Bolton and Masters in Entrepreneurship from University of Edinburg and I’ve vast knowledge in business and I’ve got lot of connections to bring so I’m ambassador at large and Presidential Envoy for America and Europe.

“We’re not actually leaving Harare right now we (are) actually bringing people this coming week who are ready to invest in the country so we’re actually hitting the ground running,” he said in an interview with ZBC’s Reuben Barwe.

He said together with his wife Prophetess Beverly Angel they wished to leave a legacy of philanthropy work.

-Gemnation/ Zwnews