Sungura king Alick Macheso has disowned a viral Guruve man who has made waves on social media, claiming to be his forgotten son.

The alleged son, Simbarashe Macheso, stays with his mother and has been on a roll giving interviews to various media platforms.

The supposed “heir” even speaks with a slowed speech to imitate Macheso’s deep and grounded voice.

Simba walks around with a guitar strapped to his neck and revealed he had recorded songs yet to be released. Since Alick Macheso is getting old, Simba said he wants to keep his “father’s” legacy alive.

H-Metro spoke to Macheso’s publicist Tich Mahamadze, who got wind of the raging father-son debate on social media and alerted Macheso.

The Makandinzwepi hitmaker responded to Simbarashe Macheso:

“I heard of these stories for some time now. I can’t speak much about social media stories, but the truth is he is one of those people who want to use celebrities to get the limelight.

“This is not new in this industry. What I can say is vanhu vanotsvaga mbiri zvakasiyana. I have been parading my children who are pursuing music to my fans for some time now. On this one, it’s up to you (the media) to keep entertaining such things for likes and sales.”

The singer’s publicist poked holes into Simbarashe’s claims:

“Macheso loves his children, and he has been parading them whenever he gets the chance. And, if his case is genuine, why not visit him at home? We have been to Guruve, and what stops him from visiting his father?”

Makahamadze blasted the media for giving people free publicity just to trend:

“It’s sad that some of these so-called journalists are stating it as a fact without talking to Macheso.”

Meanwhile, reacting to his denial story, some fans urged Macheso to go for DNA test. They implored expert Tinashe Mugabe to solve the equation.


“Mazuva ano Mwana anonetsa kuramba kana kumu claimer nemurumo..chauya chikwapuro mushonga we Operation mwana ndewani Tinashe Mugabe.”


“Baba ava ngavaite mushe zviripachena endayinunotorwa ropa nemwana forgotten son.”


“Tinashe Mugabe hero basa.”


“Kkkkk mwana ndewake uyo kungoti hake akuteedza chikokiana but mupfanha iyeye ari talented zvekutopfuura mudhara wacho zvese zvakafanana pavanhu ivava haazvitutumadze kuti mudhara wangu ndiMacheso.”