A notorious terror outfit with links to state security minister Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube, Al Shabaab, has been blamed for the violent attacks on Zanu PF officials and supporters which occured at the ruling party’s headquarters in Kwekwe over the weekend.

The violent scenes resulted in the abandonment of the Zanu PF interdistrict meeting and left scores of supporters hospitalized in the Midlands town Saturday evening.

For the umpteenth time in less than a year and at the same venue, rowdy thugs emblazoned in ruling party regalia started to indiscriminately attack delegates and other supporters who had graced the venue of the aborted meeting.

The aborted meeting was supposed to have been addressed by ZANU PF Politburo Member Melania Majubane and a Central Committee member identified as a Cde. D Maposhere.

Energy Dhala Ncube

Minister Mudha’s nephew, Energy Dhala Ncube, who is embroiled in a fight for supremacy with Zanu PF Shadow MP for Kwekwe Central, Kandros Mugabe, is accused of having bussed the notorious thugs who caused the violence in Kwekwe.

A source told this publication that the violence was caused by the same perpetrators of the violent scenes which led to the abandonment of the primary elections pitting Dhala anf Mugabe last year in October.
“These are the same thugs who left scores of people and Zanu PF officials bruised during the aborted primary elections last year,” said a source.
“Dhala bused his thugs from the mine he operates in Globe and Phoenix compound to disrupt the meeting. The hired thugs held placards denigrating party Leadership and denouncing the Zanu PF Kwekwe DCC for foiling all their fraudulent efforts to rig intra-party elections in Kwekwe”.
“These Al Shabaab thugs are understood to be out on bail for the same kind of public violence in which they assaulted the Midlands Chairman Cde D. Mackenzie Ncube, the Midlands Vice Chairman Cde Robson Nyathi and a member of the Commissariat, the late Col. Dr. Panganai Kahuni among other Party officials on the 4th of October 2020 during a Kwekwe Central Primary Election, ” the source said.
more details to follow…