Latest News on Pres Mugabe, Zimbabwe and United Nations

The under fire, 92 year old President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has had enough of United Nations(UN) business, he revealed to reporters.

He wants to pull out unless there is a change in the composition of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council.

Speaking to supporters at Harare International Airport where he admitted he was not happy about protests directed at him during UN assembly, Mugabe made it plain clear that 2017 could see Zimbabwe and other countries signing divorce papers with the UN.

He said although agreement was yet to be reached, the intention was to make the pull-out manoeuvres in earnest at the UN General Assembly next September in 2017.

Mr Mugabe then shocked all and sundry when he went on to blast African Heads for their cowardly behaviour at UN summits.

“I don’t know if we are going to come up with a common decision. There are other countries who are cowards. Africa is now led by new leaders who are no longer members of the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity,” he said.

Mugabe pointed out that he is now the last man standing in Africa as the rest of the other leaders are clueless on the way forward.

“It(Africa) is now led by cowards only, without direction… It cannot only be Mr Mugabe who comes out calling for UN Security Council  reforms,” he added.

Meanwhile, critics have pointed out that people like Mugabe should be grateful as they get more in terms of UN aid while they contribute nothing financially to the union of world nations.