Yesterday marked a paradigm shift in the history of the University of Zimbabwe.

Since the formation of the University of Zimbabwe, in 1952 when it was still the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the University of Zimbabwe has never declared a female president.

However the courageous, fearless Madam President, Miss Abiona Mataranyika rose beyond the limitations, patriarchy, and societal views of Women’s leadership, which I am so proud of. She made a resounding victory with 2511 votes which were more than twice the votes of the Vice President , more than thrice the votes of the third contestant, and more than million the votes of the fourth contestant. We do not only celebrate the victory of Abiona Mataranyika, we also celebrate the Victory of our Secretaries Alfred Gucci Ndlovu and Watson Mavura.

The campaign was not easy at all, false character deformation, cyber bullying and Madam President receiving various labels as a women. The chauvinistic ZANU PF on campus also tried hard to manipulate our votes by inciting violence upon the students and the institution at large, some were hurt due to the violence, stones thrown and riot chasing students, but still we managed to safeguard the students voice; they could shout that “hatingambotongwe nemukadzi vamwe vachiti ZICOSU ndiyo ichatonga”

I would like to thank the campaign team, the students who came in numbers to vote for Abiona, the team that worked tirelessly for the victory, the former and current student leaders always there for us, on the pictures and not on the pictures, for giving us solidarity, I am so proud that ZINASU nurtures good leaders, I am so thankful for the continuous support, you stood by us through thick and thin.

I am proud of you Abiona Mataranyika, you rose above the influence, you change the moderus operandi and set a peace for all future young women. May you continue to shine and impact. I give this duty to every women out there, its our duty to nurture and advise Abiona in a good way, we don’t only want her to make history as the first female president, but we want her to have the best leadership, serve well as well as making history for the future female presidents.

Long live Zinasu Long Live
Women Emancipation at Empowerment at the Centre
When She Rise We all Rise
Women can Lead

Election Campaign Manager