In a startling turn of events, an 83-year-old man from Bulawayo, David Edwards, found himself in the Harare Magistrate’s Court dock on Friday, facing serious charges of theft amounting to US$55,000 in Bitcoin. This case has gripped public attention due to the advanced age of the accused, adding a layer of astonishment to the allegations.

Deceptive Dealings According to prosecutors, Edwards allegedly orchestrated a deceptive scheme on February 24, 2024. Reportedly, the octogenarian contacted cryptocurrency enthusiast William Chui, engaging in an agreement concerning US$55,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Per the prosecution, Edwards claimed to intend the Bitcoin purchase for his wife, Dana Smith, residing in Oman. Subsequently, Chui transferred the cryptocurrency as per their arrangement.

Following the transaction, Smith confirmed the receipt of Bitcoin but later reported her account being locked, thereby preventing access to the funds.

Broken Promises Edwards purportedly reassured Chui that the issue would be resolved within 48 hours, pledging to return US$50,000 worth of Bitcoin. However, as the deadline lapsed, Chui’s efforts to retrieve his funds were met with evasion and excuses from Edwards, raising suspicions regarding his intentions and credibility. This evasion led Chui to file a police report, ultimately resulting in the arrest of the 83-year-old.

Courtroom Drama During the court proceedings, Edwards faced the repercussions of his actions. The magistrate imposed stringent bail conditions, including surrendering his passport and posting a US$100 bail. The matter remains unresolved as the trial continues.