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Six traditional leaders in Hurungwe have been reinstated to their positions as village heads after their illegal & unceremonious dismissal which took place 7 years ago.

The 6 village heads namely Member Mutinha, Patrick Manjonjo, Aleck Munava, Morgan Gora, Nobo Mahobho & Taurai Machipisa of Ward 17 in Hurungwe District in Mashonaland West province were unfairly dismissed by Chief Nyamhunga (born Boniface Chinehasha) between April & May 2015.

They were also stripped of their entitlements & replaced by 6 village heads namely Emmanuel Mutinha, Clever Hwenda, Insuarance Kapamara, Simbarashe Kaponda, Dzumbunu Paratema & Pasipanodya Manjonjo.

The dismissal took place during the run-up to the Hurungwe West constituency parliamentary by-election held on 10 June 2015, which was contested by the late Keith Guzah representing ZANU PF party & Temba Mliswa, who stood as an independent candidate after he had been expelled as the ruling party’s provincial chairperson for Mashonaland West province.

Although the village heads made several efforts to seek clarity regarding their dismissal, they were later advised by the Hurungwe West District Administrator (now District Development Co-ordinator (DDC) that their positions had been filled & their cases sealed adding that the benefits and stipends they used to receive had also been withdrawn.

After their dismissal, Mutinha, Munava, Gora, Mahobho, Machipisa & Manjonjo engaged Jiti Webster of ZLHRL, who filed an application at the High Court, challenging the decision to dismiss them without preferring any charges against them nor convening any disciplinary hearing for them.

In the application, the village heads argued that they had complied with the provisions of Section 281 of the Constitution which provides that traditional leaders should not “act in a partisan manner or further the interest of a political party or cause”.

Now Mutinha, Munava, Gora, Mahobho, Machipisa & Manjonjo are heaving a sigh of relief as they were recently reinstated to their positions by Zvinechimwe Churu, the Permanent Secretary at ministry local government, who stated that they had been unfairly dismissed & withdrew the appointment of the 6 people who had assumed their roles & duties.

Ministry local represented by one E. Chitombo advised the District Development Coordinator for Hurungwe District that Churu had reinstated the 6 village heads as from 17 August 2021 in terms of the provisions of the Traditional Leadership Act.

Chitombo ordered the District Development Coordinator to process payment of the village heads’ monthly allowances.