Eight passengers travelling in a Honda Fit are feared dead after their vehicle collided head-on with an Inter-Africa Bus near Matizha Business Centre in Gutu this morning.
A motorist who arrived soon after the accident said one person appear to have survived the accident and he (the motorist) took the survivor to Matizha Clinic.Bodies were trapped inside the vehicle with some crashed to pull.
Eyewitnesses said an Inter-Africa bus was trying to overtake another bus when it encroached into the lane of the oncoming Honda Fit. The Honda Fit swerved off the road but the bus did the same and they collided.
The Government has banned kombis resulting in little non-commercial vehicles (4 passenger) overloading passengers and taking over the sector. The transport sector are now dominated by Honda Fit vehicles which although they have capacities of 4 passengers are carrying as many as nine passengers.
Gutu Police is attending the scene.

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