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6 Herbs That Can Help You Deal With Chronic Pain

Did you know chronic pain affects about 1 in 5 populations in the world? And yes, it makes both the family and social life complicated for them. If you have persistent chronic pain defined as longer than three-four months and not reacting to medicines, your body has not turned off the pain signals to the brain receptors.

The pain may be associated with an ailment like arthritis, a sprain or other injury, or any number of more ingenious reasons. While chemical drugs abound, some choose more organic or holistic strategies to suppress chronic pain. Other people reveal that the chemical drugs did not give sufficient relief. Thus, they are looking for some herbal medicines to add to their typical medications or put back on them.

A confusing fact is that physicians did not know the one best remedy for chronic pain. However, they do understand that what works for one individual may not function for another. So, in this situation, a repeated try is a piece of good advice. Well, herbal remedies do wonders in curing chronic pain in people. Nowadays, people are more inclined to organic medications than chemical-infused drugs. Here, we have curated the best natural herbs to alleviate chronic pain.


The Problem of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is general and has an enormous adverse effect both on people and in our wider community. It steers people into deprivation and withdrawal and disrupts favorable bonds with family and friends. Thus, one should always take care of chronic pain.

Comprehending what propels chronic pain is critical to alleviating its difficulty. The pain experience is molded not only by physical and mental health but also by socioeconomic aspects. Moreover, the acute medical conditions that come with chronic pain become severe with growing older. Still, chronic pain is not a typical or impending part of getting aged. Persistent or chronic pain is pain that keeps going for longer than ten weeks despite treatment or therapy.

Most patients get back to ordinary life with pain coming to post-trauma or surgery. Nevertheless, sometimes the pain persists for longer or comes on without any record of trauma or surgery. In addition, persistent or chronic pain can also implicate people with:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable Bowel Movements
  • Back Pain


6 Herbs That Help In Chronic Pain

Here are some popular herbal cures used for the relief of chronic pain.



Capsaicin or capsicum is a wonder herb that originated from hot chili pepper that helps chronic pain. Capsaicin functions by consuming the element P. Thus, it is a compound that works in pain starting from the peripheral to the central nervous coordinates. However, it takes a pair of days for this to get the actual relief from persistent pain.

The capsicum herb can be consumed or topically applied to the skin for dealing with chronic pain. A topical skin lotion/cream/balm containing 0.025%-0.075% capsaicin may relieve your severe chronic pain. One can apply it directly to the body parts that are in pain. In addition, supplement herbal drugs that contain capsaicin compounds may also aid in alleviating persistent pain.




Weed compounds are well-known for their incredible medical benefits, especially in relieving chronic pain. The active compound cannabidiol is responsible for alleviating persistent pain in people. Reliable studies on the medical benefits of weed herbs have suggested that it contains pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, sleep improvement, and stress reduction.

Weed herbal products are procured in various forms such as oral intake, applied to the skin, or inhaled. You can consume eighth of weed is taken orally as tablets, food, or liquid. Moreover, weed compounds are also available as edibles, such as gummies and cookies.

Weed herbs can apply directly to the skin. The weed-topical products such as creams, lotions, and balms are popular in relieving chronic pain. In addition, the inhaling of weed herbs alleviates chronic pain. It can be via various methods such as vaporizing or vape pens.



As we know, Gingers have been infamous for being a conventional pain reliever since ancient times. Surprisingly, this miraculous herb includes phytochemicals, which work to stop body inflammations. Studies also support that ginger extract may comfort chronic joint and muscle pain.

Reliable research even proposes that ginger extracts can curtail severe pain and inflammation as effectively as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like aspirin. Also, there are no side effects reported to consuming ginger extracts when taken in small portions.

While drinking ginger tea can work for relieving cold-related discomforts, adding ginger extracts in food may aid in the consolation of chronic pain. Further studies also suggest that ginger may soothe arthritis and persistent pain. Similarly, ginger extracts are incredibly effective in dropping off your prostaglandin levels.



Feverfew has been consumed from ancient times to deal with severe chronic pains. Now, it is famous for curing persistent pain interlinked with migraines and rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, studies also substantiate that these herbs are effective.

Luckily, the feverfew herbs are possibly worth trying since it does not impart any severe side effects. Still, there are slight side effects: canker sores and discomfort of the tongue and lips. Also, note that pregnant ladies should avoid this herbal remedy. In essence, its herbs can be consumed in food or applied directly to body parts.



The popular spice turmeric has been used for centuries to soothe chronic pain associated with arthritis, heartburn and to relieve inflammation. However, it is unspecific how turmeric functions in dealing with chronic pain or inflammation. Still, its action may be due to the chemical compound curcumin rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric herb is usually comfortable to use, but increased usage may result in indigestion. Then, people with gallbladder ailments should stop using turmeric. You can take turmeric as a spice in foods or make turmeric beverages with it. Or grab it as capsules or pills form.


6.The Devil’s Claw

Have you heard about this herb? It is an effective herbal remedy to alleviate chronic pain. There is enough scientific proof that these herbs are possibly beneficial in managing persistent pain associated with arthritis and lower back pain.

Fortunately, side effects are very unusual if grabbed at a medicinal dose for the short term. Still, it is not advisable for pregnant women and those patients with gallstones or abdomen or intestinal ulcers. It is an herb that does wonders in comforting low back pain and severe arthritis pain. Also, it can be consumed orally or applied directly to the skin.



There is no need for more confusion about adding these herbal remedies to cope with chronic or persistent pain. We all have one life, and that we need to live happily and healthily. So, forget about taking several chemical drugs daily and incorporate these six herbs in your home remedies to alleviate and ease your discomfort over pain.

Moreover, it is recommended to integrate these herbal remedies with other lifestyle upheavals, like meditation, deep breathing exercises, and anti-inflammatory supplements, and workouts.






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