31st July Protests Convener (#July31Movement), who is also Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume ha threatened to lead a nationwide protest against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration over rampant corruption and the course he is leading the nation.

Ngarivhume says corruption is Mnangagwa’s middle name and he will never stop abusing public funds until Zimbabweans rise up together and put a stop to it.

The TZ leader adds that for a long time people have kept quiet while one man (Mnangagwa) has decided the course for a whole nation, amid misplaced priorities.

He says the time has come for the people to speak and make their voices heard, as well as to determine their own priorities.

Ngarivhume says people must unite to say hands off our constitution, unite against lawfare in this country, unite against impunity- where the corrupt go free, unite for the electoral reforms, and for the diaspora vote.

“If our demands are not acknowledged we are going to lead a national protest, according to s59 of the constitution. We have every right as citizens to demand a change of direction and a respect of our rights,” he says.