CAPE TOWN: Three SA high school girls reportedly killed a 17-year-old boy Zolani Slayso over a broken bottle of Gin.

A 17-year-old boy named Zolani Slayso was allegedly killed by three high school girls. It is alleged that on the weekend of the 10th of February 2023 the four were out drinking together when Slayso broke a bottle of gin that the girls were drinking.

This incident sent the girl into a rage, and they allegedly started punching, kicking and stabbing the victim on the neck and ultimately slitting his throat.

Zolani Toyana had allegedly promised to buy the three girls alcohol at a local tavern, which was hosting an event, but sadly, that was the last time his family saw him alive.

It is said that after that they stabbed him in the stomach and stoned him to death.

The girls who are suspected of committing this horrendous crime are said to be Akhona Ntamo, LiyMthoko and Minothando Lingani. Zolani’s childhood friend said it was still hard to come to terms with the death of his friend, especially because no one had been arrested, even though the police knew about the case.

The community of cape town is enraged as one of the suspects was seen to be carrying on with her life attending school on Monday as if nothing had happened on the weekend.

Chiloane said the department’s psycho-social support team went to the scene of the accident where they met the family of the deceased pupil.

Source: reportsouthafrica, agencies