Girls as young as 11 years are selling their bodies for as little as $3 per se-x round in Chiredzi, this has pushed a local resident to petition parliament to investigate the rampant Child prostitution in Chiredzi and surrounding areas.

Marko Shoko is set to present the petition before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on May 9.

Shoko claims that little girls as young as 11 years, referred to as “Zvijete” or “ZviMkwasine” have turned to a life of prostitution because of destitution.

The petition reads:

The invasion of Mkwasine Estates, Senuko and Humani ranches during the fast-track land reform programme also had serious effects after most parents lost their jobs and left for South Africa, leaving behind child-headed families.

Concerned that the majority of the female juveniles patronising beer halls and night clubs across the district soliciting for transactional sex are from Mkwasine and those displaced to make way for Tugwi-Mukosi Dam.

We are troubled that this poses a challenge to efforts to reduce the HIV and Aids prevalence in this district and negates efforts towards achieving a zero HIV infection rate by 20

The juveniles are said to be renting rooms in groups of 5 or 10 and fighting for clients with established thigh vendors..newsday