Former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s retirement package might be an incentive for African leaders to leave office and start enjoying new life once again.

Kenyatta is entitled to the following: Annual annuity US$598 006; lifetime monthly salary of US$9 967; monthly pension US$9 260; entertainment allowance US$1 798; housing allowance US$2 757, fuel US$1 798 and utility US$2 491.

Critics believe, if African leaders get retirement packages similar to the one given to ex-Kenyan President Kenyatta, they might probably have incentives to go.

Some countries may not afford it though due to poverty.

Apparently, besides fearing being held accountable for power and human rights abuses, most African leaders usually fear poverty after leaving office.

However, many African leaders fear losing power for many reasons key among them fear of being held accountable for having abused their offices.

Some leaders are linked to people of corrupt deeds, or in fact they take part in such graft, thereby wouldn’t want to be held accountable hence they would opt to die in office.