The mentality of a victor encompasses a myriad of interpretations for each individual, but there exists one unifying characteristic – an unconquerable mindset that surmounts any obstacle in its path.

This narrative aptly encapsulates the persona of Mr. Clemence Muhle, a physiotherapist from Rusape. His extraordinary amalgamation of luck and skill has secured his family an astonishing 11th vehicle at the esteemed OK Grand Challenge Jackpot Promotion held at Borrowdale Park in Harare, this past Saturday.

This unprecedented winning streak, dating back to 2001, has spurred diverse opinions. Those acquainted with Mr. Muhle refer to him as a ‘savvy gambler,’ while the superstitious masses suspect him of employing lucky charms to attract good fortune.

Nevertheless, for him, triumph reigns supreme. The method by which he attains victory is inconsequential; the sole concern is emerging as the triumphant party.

His level of gaming prowess is of such magnitude that defeat becomes an intolerable concept.

While the nation marvels at his accomplishments, winning the 11th car—albeit not the grand prize, which was awarded to Ms. Virginia Dende of Kadoma—is deemed a mere trifle for a man whose sights were set on the pinnacle of accolades.

His pursuit of the grand prize persists unwaveringly, and until that fateful moment arrives, he will not tire.

“Yes, indeed, that was my ultimate goal, and I had invested unwavering faith in securing that grand prize. However, as with any competition, there can only be one winner while the rest face defeat.

“In this instance, I fell short. It is not yet my destined time in the ethereal realms. There exists a divine will, predetermined by God. Hence, even though I yearned to seize the grand prize, God deemed it premature. I maintain faith that, in due course, the grand prize shall grace my carport in Rusape,” expressed Mr. Muhle, who did not attend this year’s event at Borrowdale Park.

Why did he choose to skip the event while still anticipating the grand prize, which required the presence of the winner?

“I earnestly desired to be present at Borrowdale Park, but my sixth sense cautioned against attending, as it had the potential to perturb numerous other participants who had striven to claim victory in the competition but had yet to be bestowed with divine grace.

“My attendance could have precipitated chaos. Despite missing my mark, I felt jubilant,” shared Mr. Muhle, who celebrated his new vehicle by treating his family to a delightful dinner.

“There exists a renowned adage that implores us to ‘strike while the iron is hot.’ Hence, soon after my triumph, I took my family out for dinner, relishing a splendid feast,” he added.

Mr. Muhle embodies an astute follower of the law of large numbers.

He adheres to discernible patterns to defy the odds. Utilizing this principle, he and his family have actively engaged in wholesale and supermarket promotions and competitions throughout the years.

He discloses that his tactic for triumph lies in procuring as many products as possible, thereby augmenting his chances of emerging victorious.

So, how many entries or points did he accumulate this year, and what was the expenditure?

“It entailed a product line that employed the ‘buy three, get one entry’ mechanic. Thus, from a mathematical standpoint, I expended US$543 on the product, with an approximate unit cost of US$1 each.

“This year’s competition proved more challenging in two aspects. Firstly, a record-breaking 12.1 million participants partook, leading to intensified competition. Secondly, the fluctuating exchange rates resulted in soaring commodity prices, further complic