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Zimbabwe’s inflation has continued to be the highest in the world, recent data by renowned American economic analyst Professor Steve Hanke has shown.

According to Hanke’s inflation dashboard: This week’s top 5 inflators:
1.🇿🇼Zimbabwe (562%/yr)
2.🇸🇩Sudan (253%/yr)
3.🇸🇸South Sudan (226%/yr)
4.🇦🇷Argentina (198%/yr)
5.🇳🇬Nigeria (104%/yr).

Hanke is on record calling on the Harare regime to fully dolarise, and do away with the local currency.

However, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa says that would happen over his dead body.

Mnangagwa recently warned that his government will soon introduce the local currency as the only legal tender.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is under a multi currency regime which is expected to end in 2030.

Commenting on Mnangagwa’s sentiments, economic analyst Gift Mugano said the President’s utterances would cause discord in the market.