The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) has resolved to raise water allocation from Lake Kariba by 29 per cent for power generation.

The move would see Zimbabwe and Zambia benefiting through increased generation capacity.

With this move, the daily water allocation will now stand at 42 from 30 cubic metres.

ZRA chief executive Munyaradzi Munodawafa is quoted by the Zimbabwe Independent saying: “The allocated amount is to be shared equally between the two power utilities, ZESCO Limited (ZESCO) and the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), for their respective power generation operations at Kariba North Bank Power Station (KNBPS) and Kariba South Bank Power Station (KSBPS) for the remainder of 2021.”

“This 12 cubic metre increase in water allocation, attributable to the normal-to-above-normal rainfall performance, implies that the 2021 water allocation has been revised upwards from 30 cubic metres to 42 cubic metres to be shared equally between the two power utilities for their respective power generation operations at Kariba for the year 2021,” he said.

“The authority has made this revision in the water allocation in line with its mandate which includes undertaking quarterly hydrological reviews to inform reservoir operations at Kariba.

“These reviews take into consideration, among other factors, the seasonal rainfall performance.

“The authority will continue to undertake these quarterly hydrological reviews and accordingly inform its stakeholders and members of the general public.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe and Zambia are struggling to meet their energy demand.

In some cases this has led to loadshedding as the two countries try to manage the demand.

Apparently, Zimbabwe has been hard hit, owing to a number of factors including antiquated infrastructure.