The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) has called on the workers in Zimbabwe and social movements to pull in one direction and demand for policies that are pro-poor and promote socio-economic development.

ZIMCODD says it is worrying that Zimbabwean workers commemorate the May Day under a depleted socio-economic spectrum, owing to economic mismanagement, poor policies, over taxation, and rampant corruption.

In its Workers Day Commemoration message ZIMCODD said; “The current economy promotes labour market flexibility, weakening trade unions along the way, as well as promoting the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, with the masses wallowing in poverty.”

ZIMCODD added that the overall implications of the current macroeconomic environment and depletion of workers’ disposable incomes has been further undermined by taxation, especially the two per cent introduced by the monetary authorities.

Apparently, the Tajamuka/Sesjikile campaign social movement is in agreement, saying the current economic environment calls for all workers to unite and seek audience with the government, in order to find a lasting solution.

Tajamuka said as the nation commemorates this year’s workers day it should be borne in mind that it is none other than the ordinary people who should play key role in changing the situation for the better. “We have an urgent responsibility to take action to change the course of our country and our future. We are the people. We are the majority. We have the power,” said the social movement.

Tajamuka said despite the current depleted socio-economic environment, it however, wishes Zimbabweans the great and peace loving people a happy, healthy, and fruitful May Day.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called upon employers to have a heart feeling for their workers, consider improving the conditions of service and called for better pay as the nation celebrates the May Day.

He blamed business for being inconsiderate through price hikes and added that his government will not stand akimbo whilst the generality of citizens is being fleeced by greedy businesses.

“The wanton, unjustified increases in prices are unpalatable and may point to some other sinister motives.

“This conduct must stop forthwith. My Government will not stand by and leave workers and the generality of our people at the mercy of a small group with rent seeking and profiteering tendencies.”

But business rubbishes the allegations of harbouring regime change motives, saying the price hikes were justifiable owing to the current economic environment characterised by low production, lower capacity utilisation, and dwindling exports. Business maintain that the unavailability of foreign currency in the formal sector, and as such they are forced to buy the required foreign currency from the black market at exorbitant rates. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is currently failing to allocate enough foreign currency as required by industry, saying its reserves are depleted.

Some analysts have taken a swipe at Mnangagwa for accusing and threatening business, saying he (Mnangagwa) as the captain of the sinking ship must be realistic, self introspect his policies and find a lasting solution. Mnangagwa stands accused for lack of political will in fighting corruption, an ill that have been said to have brought the country’s economy to its knees, while scapegoating on economic sanctions.