The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has warned members of the public against using some 48kg cylinders that are being brought into the country illegally and others whose brand identifications have been tampered with.

In a public notice, ZERA also warned LPG wholesalers who fill cylinders that do not belong to them, saying they will be penalised. Reads the notice:

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) wishes to advise the public that there are some 48kg cylinders that are being used unsafely and illegally for the distribution of LPG in the country.

This includes 48kg cylinders smuggled from neighboring countries and others whose brand identifications have been tampered with.

Such cylinders are unsafe as no one in the country bears responsibility for their maintenance and safety.

In terms of LPG regulations and for safety reasons, only brand owners of 48kg cylinders or their authorized agents, are entitled to fill and maintain them.

It is a license condition that LPG wholesalers own and refill their own branded 48kg cylinders or obtain permission from brand owners if they need to fill cylinders that do not belong to them.

ZERA will not hesitate to act against wholesalers violating this license condition.

Some of the cylinders shown below have no licensed owners in Zimbabwe and some were smuggled from South Africa and Botswana and are circulating in Zimbabwe without the owners’ consent and support.

Reatile Wasaa

Owners of the above cylinders are not licensed to operate in Zimbabwe and as such, these cylinders have no maintenance support in the country.

For safety reasons, members of the public and LPG retailers are warned against using such cylinders because their owners cannot be held liable for accidents arising out of unauthorized use of these cylinders in the country.

Consumers are encouraged to approach licensed LPG wholesalers and retailers for good quality gas and safe cylinders.

ZERA is working with fellow regulators to eliminate the menace of smuggled cylinders in the market and urges LPG retailers and consumers to report any LPG wholesaler they find filling or selling smuggled 48kg cylinders.

LP Gas can be dangerous if not handled properly. Some potential dangers associated with LP gas are fire and explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, burns, and asphyxiation.