The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has been accused of conducting a special blitz exclusively for ZANU-PF supporters at ruling party’s rallies.

As stated by Team Pachedu this is a violation of the Constitution which states that ZEC must be independent and must not further the interests of any party.

Meanwhile, the ruling party’s vice president Kembo Mohadi has disclosed that traditional leaders will frog march their subjects to vote for Zanu PF.

And Team Pachedu says this is a violation of the country’s Constitution:

“It is illegal and unconstitutional for traditional leaders to force people to vote for ZANU-PF.

“ZANU-PF steals many votes because of this strategy, while ZEC remains silent.

“We hope tangible action will be taken urgently by opposition parties.”

Over the years, ZEC have been under scrutiny from opposition parties for allegedly tilting the scales in favor of the ruling party.