ZANU-PF Secretary for War Veterans Douglas Mahiya says his party will the country for ever as the current crop of leaders will hand over stick to youths within the party.

Speaking during a meeting on modalities of setting up of the League of the Veterans Struggle, Mahiya said the duty of War Veterans of the Liberation Struggle to defend the national legacy and ensure the continuation of the nation because it is Veterans were people find the revolution principles and fundamentals.

“They are still alive so we need to ensure that we have handled these to our young people so that we ensure that ZANU PF will rule for ever. We will need to ensure that we have handed over to our youth,” he said.

He thanked President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for being a leader with a vision for the country.

“He is the commander of the liberation struggle he has served after independence, he is the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defense forces, he commanded us during the liberation struggle so he will continue in 2023,” said Mahiya.