Zanu PF Mash West Fires Mupfumira..Expelled by “NSSA” gang members

Zanu PF held it’s Mashonaland West provincial cordinating committee meeting yesterday, Sunday 11 August, and ressolved to fire jailed provincial boss Prisca Mupfumira. The motion to expel her was seconded by the lady who was pictured at court hugging Mupfumira as she climbed prison truck.

Below is an unedited eye witness account of what transpired provided by a Zanu PF official who attended the meeting:

The motion was moved by one Cde Nyarubero an Executive Provincial Member and seconded by Martha Tafirenyika Munondo(pictured above).

Talk about betrayal, this Munondo is said to be the biggest supporter of Mupfumira in Mash West who used to victimize people using Mupfumira’s name.

She was involved in a lot of ill****l dealings from selling stands in Chinhoyi to selling farms and command agriculture inputs. Munondo and her gang Charles Mtisi, Tommy Mwanza, Tapiwa Chitate and Mike Chimombe and Voster Mashevedzanwa had become untouchable.

Voster Mashevedzanwa is that councilor who beat up a Policeman and his case is still in the courts.

This gang was being sponsored using stolen NSSA money given to them by Mupfumira. They had become a menace and would terrorize the electorate including senior leadership in the Province.

ZACC should investigate all of them including Munondo whose behaviour is a disgrace to ZANU PF party.

Munondo is bad news. She is another t***f that needs to be in Chikurubi. Anemukanwa munonhuwa, anga achituka Presidential appointee nekuda kufadza Mupfumira asi nhasi ndiye ave kuita second the motion to recall her boss from Zanu PF.

This serves as a lesson to all those that want to use this fool to fight their wars. She will dump you jongwe risati rarira.

Yesterday she was the one hugging Mupfumira(see picture above) whilst she was embarking from the Grey Maraya but today she is denying her boss achivapinza pasi pebhazi. These toxic characters are the reason ZANU PF will never win in Chinhoyi. She spoke evil about the Minister of State.