Shakespeare Muzavazi

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) Youth Assembly has viciously lampooned at Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Patrick Zhuwao’s plan to reopen all the six National Youth Service training institutions and enrol more than 1 200 youths, can exclusively reveal.

In a press statement issued by the MDC-T Youth Assembly Spokesperson Mr Brian Dube said the national youth service is part of ZANU PF’S plan to commit atrocities against opposition members during the 2018 elections.

The press statement read; The MDC-T Youth Assembly condemns the fruitless and wasteful plan by clueless and shallow Zhuwao to recruit over 2000 young people as a Zanu Pf militia.

The undeserving Minister and nephew to the President is on record saying plans are underway to reopen the Border Gezi rape and killing training bases for Zanu Pf thugs in the pretence of a National Youth Service.

We know that the bases are designed to indoctrinate Zanu Pf youth with the usual demons of murder, rape, arson and brutality spirits in preparation for Zanu Pf violence ahead of the watershed elections coming soon.

We urge all young people to resist the devil and shun this evil and inhuman process being done by Zanu Pf.

The Youth in Zimbabwe want jobs, shelter, free education, business opportunities and free and fair elections. The youth want peace and security. The Young people want to love and respect elders and fellow youth and to flourish in a peaceful, free and democratic country, where people value freedoms and choices. The young people do not want to be forced or to be trained how to steal, kill and destroy.

There is no justification for this program as there is no baseline survey, no needs assessment, no constructive and acceptable curriculum for any legitimate youth service in Zimbabwe.

In any event a youth service of any form is very expensive and Zimbabwe currently cannot afford it. Doctors are on strike, nurses are going slow, teachers are preparing to strike because of poor and erratic remuneration. The government is on record saying they don’t have money. Where then does the same government that fails to pay its workers, get resources to feed over 2000 people for free as well as pay salaries to over 200 ghost workers masquerading as trainers??

Zhuwao stop this madness. We know you hail from a family of cruel, irresponsible, selfish, and lunatic people, but I am sure you are now exaggerating your family madness.

Please Stop It.

No to abuse of young people through illegal militarisation.

No to Zanu Pf Militia in Zimbabwe.

No to Gushungo madness

Brian Dube
National Youth Spokesperson