Shakespeare Muzavazi

As factional politics continue to rock the Zanu PF campaign ahead of the 2018 elections, perceived allies of Vice President Emerson Munangagwa this Thursday boycotted Patrick Zhuwawo Youth symposium held at Gweru civic centre.

Zhuwawo was in the area to try and garner support from the Midlands youth under the banner of indigenization and youth empowerment. Mugabe’s nephew was met with a low turn-out which could not even be boosted by the hiring of the popular Zvapfuka dance group.

The boycott was allegedly sponsored by youths aligned to Mnangagwa’s so-called Team Lacoste who felt Zhuwawo’s  visit threatened Mnangagwa’s influence in the province

The expo had less than ten indigenous exhibitors and on two from Gweru who exhibited substandard rabbits

The plan by G40 is to get the national youth service into their stable in power and later on pass on the button for Grace Mugabe who is out of favour in  Zimbabwe in 2018. In return, Zhuwawo has been promised a sit in vice presidency.