In what could be aptly phrased as a microcosm to the holistic state of decadence which has befallen the country’s health sector, a video footage on the squalid conditions at Harare Children’s Hospital has apparently touched the hearts of general Zimbabweans.

Posted by veteran award winning journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chin’ono on Twitter, the video touches on the squalid conditions being faced by admitted patients who are now being indiscriminately discharged ‘to die at home’.

This comes at a time when the prevalent downing of tools by the country’s nurses has further crippled a literally bleeding health sector in turmoil.

The country’s medical staffers have perennially bemoaned poor remuneration and horrible working conditions as the economic decay continues to pervasively impact on the restless civil service.

Chin’ono described the appalling state of affairs at Harare Children’s Home as ‘the real consequences of looting’ widely blamed on the ruling Zanu PF.

“Whilst we have been reporting about the nurses strike, the nation is not aware of the tragic state of our hospitals. I now take you into Harare Children’s Hospital where patients are being turned away to die at home. These are the real consequences of the LOOTING of public funds,” he tweeted.

Watch Video Below: