Better ndife hangu, pane kuhurigwa nemunhu andakabvisa mumadhaka, Tanganyika Building fall man

Warning: Jump videos, rescue & Interview

An unidentified Harare man jumped from the 8th floor of Tanganyika Building and cheated death on Tuesday.

Video clips of the incident, which have since gone viral on social media platforms, show the man on top of the Tanganyika Building being urged not to kill himself.  He was injured on the jaw and suffered a broken arm.

Information gathered by this publication is that the man jumped off the building after claiming that he was being burnt by invisible assailants. However, another witness said he wanted to die because of his wife.

He cwas reportedly heard screaming, “better ndife hangu, pane kuhurigwa nemunhu andakabvisa mumadhaka,” translated; I’d rather die than to see someone I helped a lot dating other men.

The man, whose identity was unknown at the time of publishing, removed his t-shirt before jumping 8 floors down. The man fortunately survived and was ferried to the hospital.

The police had not released a statement on the incident at the time of writing. You can view the video of the man explaining what transpired below.

Viewer discretion is advised:

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Witness says the sweat on the man’s feet could gave caused him to slip off the rooftop.