An 11-year-old Bulawayo boy who went missing for two and a half weeks in the country’s second biggest city has been found well and alive.

While the boy’s mother, Thobekile Mbiriri said she is happy for reuniting with her son, Promise, who went missing on October 17, she said that what disturbs her is that the juvenile remembers nothing about where he was, besides attending an unknown church.

National police authorities said the boy was found by members of the public who brought him to Mzilikazi Police Station last Friday.

Before he was declared missing, Promise had reportedly left home to collect sticks to build an abacus for his Continuous Assessment Learning Activity (CALA) assignment.

Mbiriri expressed concern over the boy’s failure to recall the place he was.

Promise could also not recall what he was eating at the unknown church.

When I asked him where he was he says he doesn’t know where the place is, but only remembers that it was a church. This church holds services at night, Promise says. I then asked him what they were eating and he said he doesn’t know, but he was eating. He says he was with other boys and was always closed up in the church and eating at night. He says on Thursday the boys left with the church congregants and he was left alone. He was in different clothes when he was found from the ones he was wearing when he went missing,” said Mbiriri.

According to Mbiriri, Promise said the place was cold and the people at the church gave him other clothes.

In the two weeks that he was at the church, the 11-year-old said they would only bath at night.

Promise claims that he doesn’t know how he got there.