HARARE: Amid spirited efforts to avert an implosion in the MDC party resulting from the fallout over his decision to forge an alliance with seven other opposition leaders, former trade unionist Morgan Tsvangirai has spoken for the first time on claims that he fathered a child with a Bulawayo woman.

Tsvangirai, who has been linked to a number of women over the years, has allegedly impregnated a Bulawayo woman who gave birth to a baby boy at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo last month.

Sources claimed that Mr Tsvangirai’s latest woman is Ms Nobuhle Marylin Ndiweni (36), a card carrying MDC-T member who gave birth to a baby boy at the hospital on 27 July 2017. The birth record number is BC 0085691.

Ms Ndiweni is alleged to be the second Bulawayo woman Mr Tsvangirai has impregnated after Ms Loreta Nyathi. In 2011, Ms Nyathi (then 21) exposed Mr Tsvangirai when she claimed that the MDC-T leader was neglecting his child and threatened to sue. He was also accused of refusing to help Ms Nyathi to obtain a birth certificate for their son Ethan.

Tsvangirai rubbished the claims as ‘hogwash’ saying they were part of a smear campaign meant to tarnish his image as the country hurtles towards the 2018 elections. daily news