Trade Unions representing civil servants have rejected the government’s US$75 monthly allowance saying that it is ‘too little, too late’. The unions insisted that they want a decent wage. Some of the unions dismissed the offer saying that they want a monthly salary of US$520 saying that this is what they used to earn in 2017.

The developments come after the government through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development gave the civil servants a salary increment of 50 per cent. The increment also applies to pensioners. In addition to the 50 percent salary increase, the government also introduced a Covid-19 allowance of US$75 which will be paid for the next 3 months, starting June, using foreign currency nostro accounts.

Meanwhile  the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has rejected the salary review and the new USD alliance that was proposed by the government this afternoon. Using their official Twitter handle, ZCTU said the government’s offer came a little too late and dismissed it as “Mazepe” which metaphorically likens the government’s offer to baby food which adults cant eat.