Ezra Sibanda|Tawanda Mapecca Moyo, we won’t rest my brother till we get justice for you. We can’t as a society allow an innocent man to be shot and killed for nothing, just because he caught his loose, unfaithful wife cheating with her monstrous boss. The wife should simply confess, have compassion and make peace for the sake of their 3 children. She should think big and strongly and help nail her killer boyfriend. How does she live with the knowledge that she and her boyfriend created lies to mislead people? She knows the truth hasn’t been told and a murderer might walk scot free, can’t she come to her senses and tell the truth!

To my fellow Bulawayo journalists, please help guys. We need your journalistic skills to help Tawanda’s family have closure. Countless crimes have been solved with the help of the media. Journalists do have a role to help society bring people to justice who commit crimes. Journalists often can shed light on a particular angle or lead that police may have not taken. In fact, sometimes it seems like journalists will single handedly lead police in the right direction through some good, solid, investigative reporting. You can do this my brothers and sisters in Bulawayo. You are eyes and ears of the people. Let’s get justice for Tawanda.