Anne Nhira has denied that she only got Minister Patrick Zhuwao’s attention because she was sleeping with him.

She said:  ”Allegations have also been thrown around to the fact that I only got government attention because of “inappropriate” relations with government ministers but the truth is, it’s not every woman who sleeps their way to their goals and objectives. My engagement no matter how it may not be ideal for some was purely intellectual and for a good I believe in.”

But she said she was staggered by the name calling. “What an interesting week it has been. Allow me to start by thanking you all for the feedback (positive and negative) to my engagement with government over what I feel is not in tune with my ideals and possibly those of a greater percentage of the Zimbabwean populace – on this, kindly note that its not every Zimbabwean who can Facebook or tweet about an idea they support or are against.

I know I have been vilified for standing for what I believe in but that to me is what defines freedom of expression and association. What I spoke against is not an individual but a practise which doesn’t sit well with me. I however respect the fact that for their entertainment some would want to see Zodwa perform which again you can equally lobby for.