It never rains but pours: A huge fire has destroyed my prime citrus plant at Concorpia Farm, Mazowe. Against all legal efforts to remove the invader, the ZRP has refused to enforce a HC order. For now, we are yet to ascertain the motive behind this arson attack…Saviour Kasukuwere

Reports indicate that a massive fire has engulfed the citrus plantation belonging to Saviour Kasukuwere at Concorpia Farm in Mazowe. This devastating fire, which has resulted in extensive damage, has occurred in the midst of ongoing legal efforts to remove an unauthorized occupant from the property.

Despite the existence of a High Court order, there are reports that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has declined to enforce the eviction, raising concerns about the enforcement of the country’s legal framework.

Saviour Kasukuwere has expressed uncertainty regarding the motive behind this arson attack. He shared the following statement on X:

“It seems troubles never come singly: A significant fire has ravaged my valuable citrus plantation at Concorpia Farm in Mazowe. Despite all legal attempts to remove the invader, the ZRP has yet to enforce the High Court order. Currently, the motive behind this arson attack remains unclear.”

Legal dispute

Kasukuwere, a former local government minister, has been entangled in a dispute concerning the ownership of Concorpia Farm. War veterans, led by Ephanos Mudzimunyi, unlawfully occupied the farm, taking control and harvesting Kasukuwere’s orange crops. In response, Kasukuwere pursued legal action, resulting in a High Court order demanding that the invaders vacate the property.

Despite the court order, Mudzimunyi has refused to leave the farm, asserting that he was allocated the land by the late Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, and Rural Resettlement, Perrance Shiri. This impasse has led to a production standstill at the farm, causing frustration among the workers who have been unable to carry out their duties and resulting in significant losses for the farm.

The recent fire at Concorpia Farm has exacerbated the situation, causing severe damage to the citrus plantation. The extent of the incurred losses is yet to be determined. Notably, a few days ago, Kasukuwere made headlines when unidentified individuals stole his daughter’s bags and valuables in Harare.