Elliot Jinjika

A 33-year-old Noah Mutijo from Beeskraal, Gutu, appeared in the Chivhu Magistrates Court after he was allegedly caught rap-ing a 12-year-old Murambinda High pupil.
Mutijo was allegedly caught mol-esting the girl by the minor’s two little cousins but he pleaded not guilty to the charges.
The State, led by Nicholas Mabvongodze, claimed that on May 1 at around 11: 00hrs, the accused arrived at the complainant’s homestead in the company of some friends.
He had come for a cow he had bought from the complaint’s mother but was told to wait for the mother who was away.
The accused then waited though his companions had decided to leave.
Later on, the accused volunteered to help the complainant’s cousin to drive cattle to the pastures but later came back and accosted the complaint.
Sensing danger, the minor tried to escape to her bedroom but the accused pursued her, caught up with her on the veranda and slapped her several times.
The complainant again tried to escape towards the pastures where her 14-year-old cousin had gone but Mujito caught her, tripped her to the ground, undressed and lowered his pants down and rap-ed her.

The complainant’s other four-year-old cousin and her niece later followed in the bush after hearing the complainant’s cries and found Mujito on top of the girl but he quickly fled the scene with clothes in his hands.