There is an attempt by SB Moyo wife’s family to block children from his first marriage from attending the late general’s funeral and burial, zim eye repoprts.  According to the publication, the UK based children, some of them married with their own families, have reportedly been cleared by Zimbabwe embassy in London but they are not wanted in Harare.

The report says Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo’s family have been in frantic efforts of blocking his UK based kids from burying their father, under the claim that the number of attendants is capped at 20.

SB Moyo has at least 5 kids (including the two from Justice Loice Matanda Moyo).

The development comes as there is an ongoing debate on how many children SB Moyo has. His oldest son who is UK based, Bernard was born in 1984. He is 34.

Of that marriage he also has Catherine, who was born in 1987.

SB Moyo first got married in 1983 when he was 21, and the wife was 19.

ZimEye checked with the Zimbabwe embassy at London and found out at least three of SB Moyo’s Kids had applied for clearance to fly to Zimbabwe. It could not be established at the time of writing if they are all travelling. The embassy however have permission to every one of them to fly to Zimbabwe so that they land in time for the burial on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, SB Moyo’s daughter from his first marriage, Catherine was told that the number of attendants scheduled for the hero’s burial has gone over the 20 marker so her flight into the country would be wasted, a family source close to the Matanda-Moyo’s disclosed to ZimEye.

Last week Emmerson Mnangagwa hosted a large crowd of more than a hundred moaners at the heroes acre as the late Manicaland Minister Ellen Gwaradzimba was laid to rest.

SB Moyo was one of the first officers to be reintegrated into the combined army comprising the Rhodesian, the ZIPRA and ZANLA groupings. He was from ZIPRA. At that time the two got married in 1983 and moved on to live in Greendale, Harare. They later divorced in 1992 and went their separate ways.

SB Moyo then moved on get married to Justice Loice Matanda Moyo with whom he sired two more children.

Aside the relationship with Loice, there is a side report suggesting Moyo has raised another child (a girl seen in the picture above).

Efforts to get a comment from Justice Matanda-Moyo were fruitless at the time of writing as she was still in isolation after contracting COVID-19.

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