After  yesteryear musician Clive Malunga’s claims that he has given up on se_x and has been celibate for the past 17 years, radio personality Miss V Candy announced that she has also joined “the fasting program.”

Miss V Candy who has been in the headlines lately for her alleged relationship with flamboyant businessman and social media personality Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure said that she has not bedded anyone since the birth of her son in 2016 arguing that she found se_x draining for the body and soul and was now concentrating on her spiritual welfare.

Speaking to state media, Miss V Candy said:

I’m on a spiritual journey and sex is one of the things I’m living without.

Sex is so draining to the body and mind if not yoked with the right person; soul ties are some of the worst things that can bind you and your progress in life. SoI made a decision to just do without it. It’s not easy but if one is determined they can do it as well.

I was so glad to read about Malunga’s experience, people make it seem like it’s impossible and not doable but to see a gentleman like Malunga sharing his experience, is so encouraging to know I’m not alone.

Sex is overrated, the youths are rushing to have their virginity broken so they can share stories because nowadays unlike long back it is actually cool to be having sex, risking their health and future, at the end of the day one should do what works for them.

Miss V Candy went on to say that after almost giving in to temptation due to the pressure that she got from the person that she was dating last year, she has since moved on and is now dating a partner who is also abstaining.