Controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo is in hot soup after energy and Power Development Minister Advocate Fortune Chasi has called on Zesa management to do everything to ensure that the $5 million advanced to Intratek Zimbabwe for the Gwanda Solar Project is recovered.

Minister Chasi said even if the courts have exonerated the company and its director Wicknell Chivayo, Government needs the money recovered at all cost.

“We want our $5 million back”, he said.

Responding Minster Chasi’s call Chivhayo said the government official was speaking from an uninformed position. Said Chivhayo:

“All I can say is that against all odds, success of the project is inevitable. The minister is a very senior advocate and level-headed politician of unquestionable integrity. When he’s fully briefed of the facts on the ground, he will come up with a conclusion based on an informed position,” he said.