Musician Clive Malunga was arrested after he broke into and destroyed his tenant’s property.

He was evicting her in her absence. Malunga (57) has been hauled before a magistrate where he pleaded not guilty to malicious damage to property and theft charges.

“On May 8, I went to my residence with two workers to help a tenant vacate the premises because I had found a new tenant, who was waiting to move in. The complainant, Sharon Chinoputsa’s security guard opened the gate for me and helped me and my workmates to move the property outside the gate. Nothing was broken or stolen. When the complainant’s husband heard what happened he came with a truck loaded with six youths.

“My daughter was assaulted by the security guard and a police constabulary came to the house and witnessed how rowdy the youths were. They placed the property back into the house to block the new tenant from moving in.”

Chinoputsa said two Samsung Galaxy tables, a Vodaphone and car keys were missing after the eviction. The value of damaged and stolen property is worth $1 781 and nothing was recovered.

State witness Chinoputsa’s security guard, James Chamisasaid Malunga came wielding a hammer and broke the tenant’s door.

“I rushed to Rhodesville Police Station to report the matter and when I returned I saw Malunga throwing property outside along Harare Drive,” said Chamisa.

“He was with his two workers and a huge man. I did not participate in removing the property. They threw out a washing machine and the top lid broke. The coffee table and television stand were also thrown out and they broke.

“The complainant had gone to Mabvuku. When she came back she asked Malunga why he was removing her property and he started talking about war.” Chamisa said Malunga’s daughter lied that he assaulted her. The trial continues on September 13.