ZANU-PF was set to lose dismally in the forthcoming elections had it maintained former President Cde Robert Mugabe as its candidate for the polls as party members were lying to each other by endorsing him, the party’s deputy Commissar Cde Omega Hungwe said yesterday.

Cde Hungwe who was addressing party members at Farmers Hall in Umuguza district, Matabeleland North province, said Cde Mugabe was too old to stand for the elections and to run the country but was pampered by people around him who were lying to him.

 “I came here to beg you, to ask you to vote for Zanu-PF. I know many are still asking what happened in November but in all fairness we were all telling lies when we were saying Mugabe for 2018. Honestly 94 years, a grandfather?

He doesn’t walk well, he doesn’t talk properly. If you talk to him and come back later he would have forgotten. Cde Mugabe was now old and the problem was that he married a young wife who was power hungry,” said Cde Hungwe.

She said Mrs Grace Mugabe had usurped her husband’s power and had vowed that Cde Mugabe was going to run  the country from a wheelbarrow. state media