Grace Mugabe and G40 strategy to eliminate, decapitate, debilitate and eradicate Emmerson Mnangagwa from any slightness chance of him succeeding the geriatric incumbent President Robert Mugabe was planned and executed around a series of youth interface rallies. It was a strategy that was a replica of the strategies that were used to purge Joyce Mujuru and to kill over 30 000 Ndebele people using the despised Mugabe owned Gukurahundi 5th Brigade. Mnangagwa is pretty aware of these ZANU PF atrocious strategies which he is believed to have been part of the plotters at the time to the demise of others before him. Mnangagwa is now being destroyed by his own sword. The youth interface rallies were platforms that brought together all the ZANU PF succession foes. G40 wittingly planned to ambush Mnangagwa during the youth interface rallies at close range to physically incapacitate or cause him to die by food poisoning. It is now in the public domain that the weaponry of choice to annihilate Mnangagwa to extinction was going to discretely give him a poisoned ice cream or milk shake to consume to meet his end. The ploy by Grace and company was to eliminate succession competition that comes with Mnangagwa ahead of the next ZANU PF congress and national general elections.

The strategy to kill Mnangagwa was planned in stages. These stages included preparation, dehumanisation, extermination, evaluation and validation, denial and finally the proclamation of ZANU PF successor.

The G40 preparatory strategy was a collective organisation by an identifiable group of individuals that is driven by the impetus of a specific goal to succeed President Mugabe. This stage was elaborate involving a combination of roles of individuals within G40. Some roles were visible to the public while other roles were inconspicuous and low key depending on the function to be performed by those individuals. The most important preparatory work by G40 was to capture the current Presidency using the matrimonial relationship of Dr Grace Mugabe with President Mugabe. President Mugabe provides G40 with the shield and protection that they need to pursue their secessionist goals. G40 umbilical code is firmly connected to President Mugabe. This umbilical code gives G40 a lifeline, bravado; audacity, swagger and bluster. It keeps the group breathing and menacing in fighting its own cause under the cover of wings of the President, and in the name of the President. The President is apparently permissive of the goals and actions of G40 meant to make an impress on his wife Grace. I hazard to imagine what would happen if the umbilical code connecting G40 to President Mugabe suddenly rapture.

The Chinoyi and Lupane youth interface rallies provided a platform of a declaration of intent by President and his adored wife. The declaration was to prepare the public and ZANU PF supporters to brass for a new ZANU PF presidential successor. During the Lupane rally President Mugabe and Grace Mugabe pre-empted a ZANU PF victory in the 2018 general elections. This was to give the public an impression that the Mugabe family is firmly in power now and beyond 2018 elections. The win for Mugabe in 2018 elections will be the win for Grace. Voting for Mugabe will be voting for Grace Mugabe. The win by Mugabe will enable Grace to consolidate her influence, authority and power. Grace will immediately perform a wide range of duties designated to the president with Mugabe acting as her shield. She will play a major role in the appointment of government ministers and influential posts in government, foreign missions and the security service presidential aides. The stage was to prepare the public to accept Grace Mugabe as the prospective president by defining her as the mother of the nation; placing her as having an equal status and authority as the President. The public was being prepared to regard Grace Mugabe as possessing the presidential qualities to lead the country. She is even called by the title ‘her excellence’ in some government departments and certain individuals within ZANU PF. She occasionally bulldozes in government affairs by making executive decisions when she has no constitutional authority conferred to her giving her the entitlement to behave as such. The introduction of a less intelligent Sydney Sekeramai to G40 provides a golden escalator meant to carry Grace to the top and become president. Sekeramai is a smokescreen required for own sake to represent the face of the liberation struggle to accommodate the interests of the long defrauded security service sectors and war veterans associations.

The broad aim during the dehumanisation stage was to frustrate, embarrass, irritate, provoke and subdue Mnangagwa to resignation. It was at this stage when Mnangagwa offered to resign but his request was declined by Mugabe because that would not give Mugabe a sense of victory over Mnangagwa. It had to be Mugabe’s way and by his terms. During this stage President Mugabe and his wife took turns to demonise Mnangagwa. The demonization of Mnangagwa became the central campaign pitch that was given maximum space at every rally. Demeaning and mocking of Mnangagwa was intended to help Grace Mugabe to gain support from party supporters by portraying Mnangagwa as a secessionists, tribalist and regionalist. Mnangagwa was portrayed as someone intent on undermining the position and authority of the President and that he wants to grab power from President Mugabe. What is the fear Mr. President?

The Masvingo youth interface rally was staged to psychologically paralyse Mnangagwa and to break him down emotionally. During this time Mugabe and G40 executed a series of bruising attacks directed at Mnangagwa. The attacks were conducted separately and simultaneous but interlinked to cause maximum physical and emotional damage on Mnangagwa. The period leading to Masvingo youth interface rally saw the presentation of the ‘Blue ocean document’ to the politburo by Mugabe’s surrogate blue-eyed boy Jonathan Moyo critical of Mnangagwa. The Blue ocean document was the strategy to dehumanize, debase, degrade and brutalise Mnangagwa; expose his manhood and render him a highly dangerous individual that cannot be trusted. It was meant to incite the politburo to revolt, reject and throw Mnangagwa out of ZANU PF party. The blue ocean document was to win the support of the elite ZANU PF decision makers to alter their views about Mnangagwa and to see him as untrustworthy and unfit to hold any office in ZANU PF including the presidential position. The blue ocean document was a kick Mnangagwa out of ZANU PF. Mugabe loved it but he must have been disappointed that Mnangagwa remained unfazed.

It was during the same period when there were a series of break-ins into Mnangagwa’s offices. The invasion of Mnangagwa’s offices involved stealing of classified documents, wire taping his office and planting fake documents in an attempt to incriminate him of wrong doing. The minister of police must have been the lead in this mission. They also went out to burn one of Mnangagwa’s home steads. The fire was described as mysterious but did not attract any forensic investigation.

The dehumanization stage also involved the use of derogatory semantics targeting at Mnangagwa and his perceived allies by calling them in derogatory names. Grace Mugabe was given free reign by her pretentious husband to denigrate, defame, disparage and belittle Mnangagwa, Charamba and the late Mahofa at Masvingo youth interface rally. Grace urinated, vomited, puffed and gasped, and danced on their balls as she pleased while the phoney Mugabe sat there pretending that he was sleeping and not hearing. This provides an impression that Grace expresses shared feelings, thoughts, wishes and anxieties of President Mugabe. Mugabe uses other people like Grace and Jonathan to speak on his behalf and to express his own feelings about Mnangagwa. When Mugabe stands up to speak, he attempts to be conciliatory and neutral by carefully tying the loose ends to moderate the speeches by Grace but he never denounces her views.

It was at this stage where Grace Mugabe for the first time challenged President Mugabe to name the ZANU PF successor. Grace was not subjected to a reprimand by Mugabe as is the norm with everyone who dares challenge the President to name his successor. The proposition by Grace Mugabe was to gauge the reaction of the ZANU PF general membership to think of her as the next in the throne of ZANU PF succession.
The G40 dossier was designed to make it acceptable to the public that Mnangagwa cannot be good enough to be the next ZANU PF President. It was further intended to portray Mnangagwa and his supporters as enemies of the party and their immediate removal from the party should be acceptable and the right thing to do.

The Gwanda youth interface rally was the extermination and liquidation stage of Mnangagwa. It was the kill stage. The atmosphere at that rally was by choice designed to be relaxed. The president talked about the lack of development in Matabeleland South. He was not denigrating anyone. There was a level of tranquillity, song and dance by unsuspecting supporters but apprehension to those charged with the task to execute the killer poison. Grace Mugabe did not attend so that she would not be viewed as connected to the plan had the plan succeeded. Mugabe apologised on her behalf saying that she had to go to South Africa to attend a medical review on her sprained ankle. Ironically while in South Africa, Grace used the same said injured ankle to run rings in an aggressive pursuit of the South African young Gabriella Engels hitting and injuring her on the head, forehead and arms with an electric cable. Grace accused Gabriella of hanging out with her spoiled sons at their resident hotel and for seducing them into prostitution, alcoholism and drug addiction. The boys are now nicknamed “druggies.”

Mnangagwa I was poisoned on this day. He was suspected to have eaten ice-cream or milk shake believed to be manufactured by Alpha and Omega holding a company belonging to Grace Mugabe. He suffered severe abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. Luckily he survived following a treatment in South Africa. A number of theories were thrown around attempting to provide answers as to what could have poisoned Mnangagwa. The Gushungu ice cream was at the top of the list. The names of Sydney Sekeramai and David Pariranyatwa both doctors by profession were cited as the executioners. The two denied the allegation and the matter is now in the Zimbabwe courts in an attempt for the two to clear their names of any wrong doing.

It should also be noted that there was another cyanide assassination attempt on Mnangagwa planted in his office prior to the poisoning incident at Gwanda. His office secretary was unfortunately severely affected by the cyanide poison. The survival of Mnangagwa upset the G40 strategy. To G40, Mnangagwa is refusing to die. He just can’t die. He is defiant. Mnangagwa continues to be the target. It is back to the drawing board for G40 but first they needed to understand why Mnangagwa did not die by conducting an evaluation assessment.

Evaluation and validation
The fact that Mnangagwa survived meant that G40 strategy did not go to plan. There was a sense of indignation and annoyance of some sort within the top ZANU PF ranks when Mnangagwa was airlifted for treatment to South Africa depending on which side of faction they belonged.

Mugabe undertook a rare and self-imposed one man commission of inquiry. Mugabe was keen to want to know why the poison did not produce the desired outcome on Mnangagwa. It was an evaluation and appraisal exercise of the effect of the poison that was used on Mnangagwa. This exercise was to provide an insight on how the poisonous dosage could be improved when required to be used in future. Mugabe held private interviews with Mnangagwa and his South African physician. During the interview Mugabe was able to see the medical report that provided the diagnosis and prognosis of Mnangagwa’s ailment. The process further gave Mugabe an insight about the long term impact of the poison to Mnangagwa’s health. Although the issue of Mnangagwa’s health is a personal and confidential matter it is not known how far wide and how much Mugabe was able to share this information with other sources outside the meeting with Mnangagwa. Mugabe came out of the meeting with refutation about the role of his ice-cream almost blaming Mnangagwa for having been poisoned.

The Gweru youth interface rally was the stage of denial by the G40 outfit, Grace and Mugabe went to great and laborious pains to absolve them of having a hand in the poisoning of Mnangagwa. Mugabe denied, “It was not food poisoning, no. The doctor said they tested his blood but failed to find traces of food poison”. Mugabe went further to say “stop blaming me or witches for nature’s issues” Mugabe also went further to defend his deadly ice-cream saying the police should arrest people accusing him of witchcraft. Mugabe even provided $1500 worth of ice-cream free of charge to rally attendees to eat at Gweru youth interface rally to demonstrate that his ice cream was not poisonous. Surprisingly, in a display of nastiness Grace came out accusing Mnangagwa for failing to stop his supporters much earlier from writing bad things about her ice-cream in social media and not disclosing much earlier that he did not eat her ice-cream that led to him being poisoned. The accusation of Mnangagwa by Grace followed a publication by Mnangagwa which appeared to have been forced on him saying that he did not eat any of the dairy products belonging to Gushungu enterprise. Mnangagwa was therefore somewhat portrayed as a liar for faking that he was poisoned.

Announcement of successor
The last youth interface rallies were planned to be the pronouncement stage of the successor. President Mugabe has already made up his mind about who he wants to succeed him. He needs to eliminator powerful competitors to safely announce his chosen successor that he will put through to the next ZANU PF congress. Had Mnangagwa died or became incapacitate due to poisoning the road map to succession would have been immediately unveiled. The Bulawayo youth interface rally is likely to avail a new plan. It is what Grace and Mugabe will say at the Bulawayo rally that will give a clue as to their alternative way forward in dealing with Mnangagwa. It could be a cabinet reshuffle; it may be a staged truck or car accident or car bomb. It could be a shooting by driving or an ambush; a straight dismissal from the party and government or trumped up charges of treason can be preferred on him. Mnangagwa may be accused of creating cash and food shortages. We hear that Mnangagwa is now being investigated for multiple cases of fraud that took place a decade ago. Well, it is best to wait and see as the ZANU PF succession battles and events continue to unfold.

Themba Mthethwa