A 17-year-old mother from Dhiriza Village in Mataga Mberengwa, stoned her three-weeks-old baby to death and dumped the lifeless body in a nearby bush.

Midlands acting provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident which happened close to Mataga growth point in Mberengwa.

“The teen mother took the infant into a bush close to Mataga growth point and laid its head on a rock before smashing the infant with a stone all over her body. She then wrapped the baby by a plastic bag and dumped it.

“The mother went on to make a bogus kidnap report at Mataga Police Station that a stranger came to her home, aggressively snatched the infant from her and ran way,” said Mukwende.

After further interrogations by the police, she confessed to killing the baby in the grisly manner and led the police to where the body was dumped.

She told the police the father of the baby was not able to provide for the family so she could not properly take care of the baby.

The police took the corpse to Msume Hospital Mortuary for a post mortem.

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