Good byes are never easy I feel like i’m gonna relocate. Tanzania expect me soon. Thank you so much Mr K for making my valentines memorable … i will miss you…Lorraine Guyo

It’s a Valentine’s Day to remember indeed.
So of lately been doing my Photoshoot to Market flowers and clothes for my Valentines content .
And last night you decided to give me a suprise of my life.

Aaaaah guys my photographer can keep secrets ndati iiiiii.
A letter to the one I love-
I had given up on love, but then i met you and you redefined the word.
You asked me to trust you and you have proven to be trustworthy indeed.
You claimed to be the game changer and indeed, you changed the game for me.
You are more than a partner, you are a true blessing. Words will never sum up how much i appreciate you.
This valentines you showed out ! This massive gift you’ve given me shows how much you love me and I thank you for that. It’s not only material but extremely thoughtful considering all that was happening. I thank you a million times for making me the happiest girl

a very spoilt & loved girl

lorraine guyo