LEAD president Linda Masarira has come under fire on X over her comments regarding the death of Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Masarira raised the issue of foreign military bases in Africa and succession politics.

“This is really worrisome. We have been condemning foreign military bases across Africa for a while, and people take this lightly.

“No one sincerely cares for Afruca and her interests. I pray that the plane with Malawi VP is found as soon as possible,” he said.

She went on:

The disappearance of the Malawi aircraft carrying Vice President Saulos Chilima and nine others has raised concerns and sparked speculations, including conspiracy theories.

While it’s essential to rely on verified information, we can’t rule out the fact that we are people and will always want to figure it out as well. The VP is in the succession plan of Malawi and has quite a complex relationship with the incumbent.

We can’t rule out either one of the following factors;

  • Political assassination or abduction
  • Military or defence force involvement
  • External interference or sabotage
  • Pilot error or mechanical failure (although unlikely)
  • Weather conditions or natural causes

It’s crucial to note that none of these theories have been proven, and the investigation is ongoing. Is it a coincidence, or is there a deeper conspiracy brewing in the African skies? Something is not making sense.

Whilst, the Malawi government, international partners, and aviation authorities are working together to determine the cause of the disappearance, we can only hope and continue to pray that the 9 occupants of plane are safe wherever they are!

Apparently, her followers on X lambasted her for the reckless sentiments calling her to order:

Soko Murehwa

Instead of praying for your marriage ,but kunamatira zvisina basa.


@lilomatic, this is a clear technical failure on the part of Malawi. What exactly does it have to do with foreign military bases.


Why have you concluded that it’s foreign agents? What about technical faults? Back then the whole of Zambian National soccer team and officials crashed in Gabon and nobody survived, why didn’t you talk of foreign sabotage.

The Guy on the Bike

Nonsense man, stop trying to smuggle your agenda on such a sensitive matter.

Some respect in the situation would go a long way.

Martyn McGrath 🇲🇼🇿🇦🇿🇼

Please don’t use our nations tragedy as a political springboard. This is about missing people, their families and loved ones – not some agenda about military bases.